The emperor has new clothes. Introducing Naked light. Non-destructive image editing. Node-based compositing. Live filters. High-end tools. And infinite resolution. It's image editing, re-invented. Take the tour.

Node-based compositing. Naked light features nodes—simple building blocks in a composition like a images, filters, and sets of brush strokes. Nodes can be arranged in novel ways that layers cannot. Learn more.

Infinite resolution. Layout images and define tools and filters in real-life units like inches, millimeters, and picas. Mix and match images with different resolutions, color spaces, and pixel aspect ratios in the same composition. Learn more.

Pro tools. Use precise tools with photographer-friendly units, like stops. Access tools quickly with the Tool and Filter Dock. And try out new tools like the Noise Brush and Gradient Selections. Learn more.

Live filters. Filters can be edited and re-edited, forever. Work multiple filters holistically to achieve the perfect effect, rather than one-at-a-time. Never get caught up in dialogue boxes—Naked light lets you quickly edit all filters directly in your canvas and inspector. Learn more.

Non-destructive editing. In Naked light, it's impossible to ruin an image. All your original images and negatives are stored safely in your Library, so you'll never have to worry about writing over a file or over tweaking a layer. Learn more.

Naked light.

– Requires Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.
– NVIDIA or ATI graphics highly recommended.
Read the Naked Developer blog: The Emperor Has New Clothes.