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posted January 18th, 2008

Naked light Beta 1.0 is arriving next week!

Sorry for the huge delays this time around. December was a torrent of disasters in both my personal life and at my day job, and probably saw about two or three hours of work total on Naked light.

Right now I’m on a leave of absence to work full-time on Naked light, so at least the next two releases should be on a more regular 1-2 week schedule.

After that, if Naked light’s where I want it to be, I’m considering a pre-purchase program. If that works out, then the final version of Naked light will come out much faster. Beta 1.0 should bring me mostly there, but before I start charging for it, I want to make sure it’s mostly usable, that it has at least the beginnings of the documentation, and that the reaction to it is mostly positive.

11 Responses to “Quick Update”

  1. Aaron Says:

    If Naked Light can deliver on its promises, then I am certainly going to be on the band wagon! I’m glad to know that you are still up and running on it.

  2. Nathan Gray Says:

    It’s good to hear you’re still working on NL! I too will probably bite if the gizmo works and the price is reasonable. NL is the most interesting thing on the horizon for Mac photographers IMHO.

    Having said that, I’d like to make some constructive criticism.

    1. The dock/stacks thing is not a good move. Stacks are possibly the most disliked feature in Leopard. Please, please, please don’t go there. Toolbars/palettes and all that are actually quite nice — they keep the tools near the working area instead of all the way at the edge of the monitor.

    2. If you must do stacks, make them act like normal Leopard stacks. Namely, they should stay open without having to hold the mouse button down and they should not move around after being opened. Dragging is actually physically painful for many people (myself included), and there’s nothing more annoying than a UI element that runs away from your mouse pointer!

    3. AFAICT the main composition window is not colorsync enabled. You seem to be a photo guy so I’m sure you’re on top of it, but I thought I’d mention it just in case.

    4. Consider hiring someone to do your icons. The existing ones are a bit cheesy looking IMHO. Don’t take it personally — I doubt I could do better. I actually don’t care much, but the Mac crowd can be quite superficial.

    Anyway, I know this is an alpha release I’m talking about so I’m optimistic things will improve. The concept is a good one and I truly hope you can make it fly.

  3. Aaron Says:

    I have to agree with the above points. Specifically, the size and mechanics of the dock make it hard to use. The icons are just too large, and the motion just too unpredictable/unnatural. I am not a big fan of a lot of palettes, so having the one property palette like you have is nice. Might I submit a suggestion for improving tool selection. I find that I never want to see the tools that are available unless I want to change tools. So, I don’t like them taking up space on the screen normally. The most intuitive and efficient tool selector interface that I have ever used has been the hot spot circle. Moving the mouse over a special hot spot or clicking on a button pulls up a circle (or fraction of a circle) of tools around the mouse, which allows one to choose a tool. If one were to stick with normally standard and natural interface, I like drop-down menus, simple toolbars, and simple palettes.

  4. Chongo Says:

    “… I actually don’t care much, but the Mac crowd can be quite superficial.”

    Superficial? Mac crowd? I didn’t pay an extra $150 (at the time) just to get a black MacBook for nothing… er… ok, that was a little superficial… and maybe I like the nice look of Mac things (the stuff I see on XP Pro under Fusion is not particularly sexy). I don’t see anything wrong with NL icons myself.

    I’m also glad to see this project still under development. I just got Pixelmator as part of the MacHeist grab-bag, and I like it – and, I’d get a copy of NL for photo stuff, though, and probably send a copy to my Pro/Am photog brother as well.

    If anything, I’m all about the indie mac software lately. Brandon, hope the “torrent of disasters” has at least lulled a bit in January. Add me to the list of beta 1.0/potential pre-purchase folks, especially since I don’t have to drop $400 this week for an iPhone rev.2.

  5. Arvid Says:

    I’m so excited about NL! It’s sad to hear about your personal problems but hopfully it’ll sort out…it usually does sooner of later. Anyway, it’s already clear that NL has got an edge against the bunch of new core image applications coming out (including Iris I can say, after testing the public beta the other day). So I’m just hoping that it works out – and don’t listen too much to the people who dislike the dock and all – it’s the new take on things that will make Naked Light great! I’m definitely among the pre-purchase people as long as the vision remains.

    And remember: “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities” and “Real artists ship”. Keep up the good work ;-)

  6. Pnutus Says:

    Good to see you can continue working on Naked Light!

    It is the most promising and innovative indie mac app out there to me and really hope you get the opportunity to make it as good as possible. There has been a recent surge in mac image editors lately (Pixelmator, Acorn and Iris), but NL really stands out as the one designed without Photoshop as the model.

    For some constructive critisism: I am not a fan of the dock palette, even though I think it’s a nice idea. I am sure you’ll improve and refine it, but I would very much like to see a flexible interface, with tools available in more than place. If you, in addition to the dock, make palettes, drop-down menus and maybe the “hot spot circle” mentioned above, and let the user decide which to use, you make it easier for people with different experiences and preferences to start using NL. That’s my little tip.

    I hope 2008 will bring an end to whatever problems you have been facing, and wish you good luck! :-)

  7. RK Says:

    Will the beta be available as a universal binary or do we have to wait for the final 1.0 version? I really want to try out NL, but I’m still on a PPC iMac.

  8. Janelle Says:

    Will the final version only work with leopard 10.5? I have 10.4.11. I am not sure I completely understand all of this program, I hope it comes with a guide/instructions, but I would purchase definitely. Can you answer these questions so I am not sooo in the dark? I would appreciate it.

  9. Aaron Says:

    Janelle, I believe that this question has been answered in some of the previous FAQs.

  10. Michel Says:

    Well, “next week” is over also now…..so where is 1.0 Beta now??

    We want that killer-app :)

    Cheers, Michel

  11. Chris Says:

    I too am excited. How well will NL support Wacom or other tablet pressure sensitivity?

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